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  • EN [ fɪˈdeləti]
  • US [ fɪˈdeləti]

English definition


  • 1. accuracy with which an electronic system reproduces the sound or image of its input signal

  • 2. the quality of being faithful

Example sentences

  • Create prototypes at different levels of fidelity: paper, wireframe, interactive HTML, and Flash.

  • The next generation DOOM RPG engine featuring higher graphic fidelity and an original audio score.

  • But Sisyphus teaches the higher fidelity that negates the gods and raises rocks.

  • Fidelity in love for fidelity's sake had less attraction for her than for most women.

  • The issue of fidelity has been the most basic and widely discussed component of translation quality.

  • F 40 Outboard. The greatest fidelity on the sea.

  • What kind of the image definition and fidelity can I expect?

  • Trust and fidelity are essential for a lasting, successful relationship.

  • All of the images were recorded in fidelity.

  • The implications of this requirement for fidelity are also explored in Part two.

  • He would be watched for several years, to ensure his fidelity.

  • His fidelity and industry brought him speedy promotion.

  • The last one is the minimum fidelity principle.

  • You have invariably been models of courage and fidelity.

  • If fidelity is deemed the first criterion of translation, the second should certainly go to fluency.

  • A paper prototype is clearly low fidelity in both look and feel.

  • There is nothing like a dog's fidelity.

  • The acoustic fidelity aspect uses the sound duplex sound track, lets listen to is more comfortable.

  • A new adaptive fidelity term for total variation denoising method is presented.

  • Only by offering higher quality ofcustomer value consistently, can hospital gain more customer satisfaction and fidelity.

  • fidelity to your principles

  • He believed in marital fidelity.

  • Wanting fidelity implies you're thinking about a major relationship.

  • He appreciated his discretion and his fidelity.


Meaning of fidelity

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