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  • EN [ faɪn]
  • US [ faɪn]

English definition


  • 1. money extracted as a penalty


  • 1. issue a ticket or a fine to as a penalty;

    • "I was fined for parking on the wrong side of the street"
    • "Move your car or else you will be ticketed!"


  • 1. superior to the average;

    • "in fine spirits"
    • "a fine student"
    • "made good grades"
    • "morale was good"
    • "had good weather for the parade"
  • 2. being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition;

    • "an all-right movie"
    • "the passengers were shaken up but are all right"
    • "is everything all right?"
    • "everything's fine"
    • "things are okay"
    • "dinner and the movies had been fine"
    • "another minute I'd have been fine"
  • 3. minutely precise especially in differences in meaning;

    • "a fine distinction"
  • 4. of texture; being small-grained or smooth to the touch or having fine particles;

    • "wood with a fine grain"
    • "fine powdery snow"
    • "fine rain"
    • "batiste is a cotton fabric with a fine weave"
    • "covered with a fine film of dust"
  • 5. being in good health;

    • "he's feeling all right again"
    • "I'm fine, how are you?"
  • 6. thin in thickness or diameter;

    • "a fine film of oil"
    • "fine hairs"
    • "read the fine print"
  • 7. characterized by elegance or refinement or accomplishment;

    • "fine wine"
    • "looking fine in her Easter suit"
    • "a fine gentleman"
    • "fine china and crystal"
    • "a fine violinist"
    • "the fine hand of a master"
  • 8. ; free or impurities; having a high or specified degree of purity;

    • "gold 21 carats fine"
  • 9. (of weather) pleasant; not raining, perhaps with the sun shining;

    • "a fine summer evening"


  • 1. sentence-initial expression of agreement

  • 2. in a delicate manner;

    • "finely shaped features"
    • "her fine drawn body"
  • 3. in a superior and skilled manner;

    • "the soldiers were fighting finely"

Example sentences

  • Some people are often reproached for unpunctuality when their only fault is cutting things fine.

  • Rosy morning clouds indicate rain, and a rosy sunset means fine weather.

  • The house has a fine situation.

  • The porcelain is fine and glossy.

  • He has written a fine preface to the play.

  • What mixed weather, now fine , now showery!

  • You can't rely on the weather being fine for anything you plan in England.

  • The library is housed in a fine building.

  • Fine paintings graced the walls of the room.

  • She possesses a soprano voice of unusually fine quality.

  • The weather stayed fine for a week.

  • The shop has a fine selection of cheeses.

  • He has a fine person.

  • The bracken was turning to the dusky gold of a fine autumn.

  • The quality of this cloth is fine, but the colour is not quite right.

  • This is a fine construction.

  • She gave birth to a fine healthy baby.

  • The court required that he should pay the fine.

  • There are only five minutes to go. You might just manage to get to the station, but you're cutting it rather fine.

  • I had a fine old time.

  • The collection is housed in a fine building.

  • This net has a fine mesh.

  • Mr. Tailor is a good judge of the fine arts.

  • Apart from a parking fine ten years before, she had an unblemished driving record.

  • This fine engine makes only a whisper when running at full speed.

  • Now both mother and fledglings are doing fine.

  • The day turned out ( to be ) a fine day.

  • He got a fine fame for being generous with his money to help others.

  • The restaurant has a fine Italian kitchen.

  • a clear blue sky betokening a fine day

Phrase collocation

  • cut it (或 things) fine

    allow a very small margin of something, especially time

    • boys who have cut it rather fine are scuttling into chapel.

  • do fine

    be entirely satisfactory

    • an omelette will do fine.

  • do someone fine

    suit or be enough for someone

  • fine feathers make fine birds

    (proverb)beautiful clothes or an eye-catching appearance make a person appear similarly beautiful or impressive

  • the finer points of

    the more complex or detailed aspects of

    • he went on to discuss the finer points of his work.

  • ——'s finest

    (N. Amer. informal)the police of a particular city

    • Moscow's finest.

  • one's finest hour

    the time of one's greatest success

  • fine words butter no parsnips

    (proverb)nothing is achieved by empty promises or flattery

  • not to put too fine a point on it

    to speak bluntly

    • not to put too fine a point on it, your Emily is a liar.

  • one fine day

    at some unspecified or unknown time

    • you want to be the Chancellor one fine day.

  • in fine

    In conclusion; finally.

    In summation; in brief.


  • fine dinner

    • The young man looked in that direction and saw a fine dinner.

Synonym discrimination

  • beautiful, fair, handsome, lovely, pretty, fine

  • delicate, fine, subtle



Meaning of fine

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  • "Ouch!" She says, "I thought you said your dog does not bite!"
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