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  • EN [ fɪtɪst]
  • US [ fɪtɪst]

Example sentences

  • He mistakenly ascribes the expression "survival of the fittest" to Charles Darwin.

  • Natural selection ensures only the fittest survive to pass their genes on to the next generation.

  • With the changes in the world's climate, dinosaurs died, but many smaller animals lived on. It was the survival of the fittest.

  • Life is a deadly struggle in which only the fittest survive.

  • From their flexible and unformed minds I can carve out my fittest tools.

  • Isn't our business about the survival of the fittest?

  • In the rat race of today's world, only the fittest survives.

  • Evolution , the theory goes , guarantees survival to the fittest.

  • Sometimes we have to obey the theory of survival of the fittest.

  • The survival of the fittest is the rule of the game.

  • Only the fittest animals were survivors of the cold winters.

  • The competitive rule only allows the fittest to survive.

  • However the development of language is the survival of the fittest.

  • But Bush wasn't the fittest.

  • Survival of the fittest.

Meaning of fittest

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