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  • EN [ flɑːsk]
  • US [ flæsk]

English definition


  • 1. bottle that has a narrow neck

  • 2. the quantity a flask will hold

Example sentences

  • There was only a flask of water left in the entire well.

  • Remove the flask the vacuum mixer and place in the oven.

  • This and some dried fruits and a flask of Monte Pulciano, was the bill of fare.

  • The sample flask is immersed in a constant temperature bath.

  • Open the vacuum chamber to take out flask.

  • Let's start with this vacuum flask for keeping drinks hot.

  • Put the flask over the fire.

  • He asked too much for this vacuum flask.

  • A vacuum flask keeps cool drinks cool and hot drinks hot.

  • There is some deposit in the bottom of the flask.

  • A flask of hot water ? Right away , sir.

  • Use Aquajet high pressure water unit to remove the ceramic from the flask.

  • Addition of propanol during erythromycin fermentation with in shake flask improved the titer by 49.

  • He took a swig of whisky from his hip flask.

  • Add a stirring bar and attach the flask to the reflux condenser.

  • Ill go and get you another flask thats full at once.

  • Who gives Ellen a flask to drink from?

  • You should set up a reference flask.

  • Most of the vapor turns to liquid in the condenser and returns to the flask.

  • You remember all that, but you're clueless about who gave you the flask?

  • The lawyer pulled a flask from his coat and offered the doctor a calming swallow.

  • A flask, conjured from thin air, was thrust into his shaking hand by Hermione.

  • He took out a metal flask from a canvas bag.

  • The flask is completely watertight, even when laid on its side.

  • There's some sandwiches here and a flask of coffee.

  • She made sandwiches, filled a flask and put sugar in.

  • The vacuum flask has a strong casing, which won't crack or chip.

  • She had a habit of taking an occasional nip from a flask of cognac.


Meaning of flask

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