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  • EN [ ˈfɔːməʊst]
  • US [ ˈfɔːrmoʊst]

English definition


  • 1. ranking above all others;

    • "was first in her class"
    • "the foremost figure among marine artists"
    • "the top graduate"
  • 2. situated closest to the bow;

    • "the foremost compartment of the ship"
  • 3. preceding all others in spatial position;

    • "the foremost compartment of the ship"


  • 1. prominently forward;

    • "he put his best foot foremost"
  • 2. before anything else;

    • "first we must consider the garter snake"

Example sentences

  • She ranks foremost among the country's leading conductors.

  • How does America's foremost literary lion solve a problem like Adolf?

  • He was first and foremost a hired killer.

  • The subsistence and progress the people should be taken as the foremost objectives of our works.

  • Accept the customer complaint according to company regulation; take the customer foremost as the service standard.

  • He is considered the foremost British artist of this century.

  • Better be foremost among commoners than the lowest of the aristocracy.

  • All of these are marketing decisions first and foremost.

  • He was as the foremost authority on chemistry.

  • Some tourists do visIt'southampton but the city is first and foremost a port, not a resort.

  • Our motto: credit first, rational price, customer foremost, excellent quality.

  • Someone jumped out from the foremost waggon and cried aloud.

  • I have always one foremost satisfaction in reading your books.

  • He was a singer, but first and foremost a scholar.

  • According to Chen Qiwei, these measures and foremost is the job stability of the special programs.

  • Pu Cunxin, the foremost advocate of AIDS prevention together with many school leaders addressed the meeting.

  • Hamburg is first and foremost a port , and so the extravaganza took place on the water.

  • This formation and foremost the duty of the Catholic parents the child.

  • The premier occupies the foremost place in the world of politics.

  • The enemy attacked our foremost position all night.

  • Quality supreme , People foremost, Clients first and Mutual benefit.

  • He's written many different kinds of books, but he's first and foremost a poet.

  • Everything that appears before one is the foremost paramita.

  • the world's foremost authority on the subject

  • She is, first and foremost, her husband's alter ego.

  • The military government is waging a war of words against its supposed enemies. Foremost among these are the foreign media.

  • He was one of the world's foremost scholars of ancient Indian culture.

  • I see myself, first and foremost, as a working artist.

  • It is first and foremost a trade agreement.

Synonym discrimination

  • chief, principal, main, major, leading, capital, foremost, primary


Meaning of foremost

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