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  • EN [ ˈfɔːrəm]
  • US [ ˈfɔːrəm]

English definition


  • 1. a public meeting or assembly for open discussion

  • 2. a public facility to meet for open discussion

  • 3. a place of assembly for the people in ancient Greece

Example sentences

  • The theme of this forum is about the safety and the responsibility of the plastics industry.

  • Would you to sponsor this Forum?

  • Sorry! The forum does not exist. You will be redirected to our homepage.

  • Matter may do which at a forum, possibly suitably does at another forum.

  • These include the World Bank, the World Economic Forum and the Asian and African Development Banks.

  • Xiao Wu had just registered in a travel forum.

  • Welcome to join the university student IDC free space forum!

  • To enter the forum area, please type in your username and password.

  • Implication, our position, text area edition rules and forum specific rules.

  • What is called eloquence in the forum is commonly found to be rhetoric in the study.

  • They're holding a forum on new ways of teaching history.

  • The rebels, who were unrepresented at Mr Bashir's forum, immediately rejected his ceasefire call.

  • Attention: This forum propagandizes the superstition by no means!

  • This is a unique forum and one which I hope you approach with boldness and creativity.

  • They turn the pulpit into a forum for personal confession and group therapy.

  • Today you personally came to the forum, moderator and netizens are very excited and deeply honored.

  • In addition, they can check their monthly forum posts, edit their details, and check announcements.

  • We all are so sorry about that some IP from CHINA cannot access this forum.

  • Although the buildings in the Forum appear Greek in style, they are more monumental and immense.

  • The forum focused on bringing the enterprise culture to the evolving free market economy.

  • Yesterday we visited the forum of ancient Romans.

  • Television is now an important forum for political debate.

  • The forum is now open to all budding entrepreneurs.

  • This is the only forum where East and West can get together.

  • Members of the council agreed that it still had an important role as a forum for discussion.

Meaning of forum

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