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  • EN [ ˈfriːdəm]
  • US [ ˈfriːdəm]

English definition


  • 1. the condition of being free; the power to act or speak or think without externally imposed restraints

  • 2. immunity from an obligation or duty

Example sentences

  • At last they won their freedom.

  • By persistence many countries won freedom.

  • They asked for academic freedom.

  • Abraham Lincoln called on his people to fight for freedom for all — Negroes and Whites.

  • The assertion of the right to freedom is very important to all peoples.

  • The patriots unfurled the banner of freedom.

  • They beat the drum for freedom.

  • In 1862 the American slaves won their struggle for freedom.

  • They have an air of freedom, and they have not a dreary commitment to mean ambitious or love of comfort.

  • Will too much freedom make them degenerate?

  • So I answered up like a felon fighting for his freedom, and I answered pat, because I was telling the truth, which is sometimes a help.

  • The prisoners made a dash for freedom.

  • The dogs have greater freedom too, for they are allowed to wander outside their enclosure.

  • In democratic countries any efforts to restrict the freedom of the Press are rightly condemned.

  • an illusory sense of freedom

  • Revelling in her freedom, she took a hotel room and stayed for several days.

  • These clothes restrict your freedom of movement and stiffen up the whole body.

  • The party leader said the street should be renamed Freedom Avenue.

  • This gave them the freedom to make trouble all over the shop without fear of retribution.

  • Susan's idea of freedom was to have variety in her life style.

  • Freedom of the press is sacrosanct.

  • He yearned for freedom.

  • He said they were fighting for freedom of speech, freedom of worship, and freedom from want.

  • For them, affluence was bought at the price of less freedom in their work environment.

  • In Eastern Europe, one of the side effects of freedom appears to be crime.

  • Winckelmann declared that art and freedom went together.

  • The Freedom Party's electoral support surged from just under 10 per cent to nearly 17 per cent.

  • They see it as an infringement on their own freedom of action.

  • He himself believed in freedom, so much so that he would rather die than live without it.

  • She carefully tried to balance religious sensitivities against democratic freedom.

Synonym discrimination

  • freedom, liberty


Meaning of freedom

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