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English definition


  • 1. street names for marijuana

  • 2. a measuring instrument for measuring and indicating a quantity such as the thickness of wire or the amount of rain etc.


  • 1. place a bet on;

    • "Which horse are you backing?"
    • "I'm betting on the new horse"

Example sentences

  • This strain gage is successfully applied to the dynamic stress test.

  • The strain gage based on mechanical principles is the scratch gage.

  • Coach the gage planning, assessment and approval of supplier.

  • He thought it was time that he throw down the gage to his opponent.

  • The sudden change Gage underwent suggested that brain and mind are not independent.

  • Maintains calibration system and documentation. Write and conduct GAGE R & R studies.

  • To develop and build gage control system and process.

  • Master all kinds of metallographyl examination device and gage . Work out operation procedure.

  • To provide technical support for persons related gage control in company.

  • The gage and emblem of this freedom is the sovereign state.

  • Working knowledge of the use of mechanical, electrical and electronic gage repair and adjustment.

  • Line stop caused by inefficient gage verification or calibration.

  • Bell gages may be used to measure gage pressure or differential pressure.

  • Be able to use several of measuring equipment, such as, gage, Universal Tooling Microscope, CMM etc.

  • A unique example of the slack disaphragm is the draft gage.

  • The effect is the same as that of placing a shunt resistor across the active gage.

  • Establish frequency for gage calibration.

  • Thirty thousand pounds were given under the gage of the jewels.

  • Moreover I take charge of have ordered the angle gage, will use in the ordinary angleexamination.

  • There's no Gage here.

  • To follow company gage control system and process.

  • Strain gage hole drilling method is one of the most popular residual stress measurement methods.

  • Familiar with mechanical inspection equipment, familiar with CMM and Air gage is prefer.

  • To organize and conduct outside gage verification or calibration.

  • How about some more gage?

  • Lock System , driving mirror , Safety Belt Lock, Speed Meter , Trunk Ejector, Taxi Gage, Parking System.

Meaning of gage

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