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  • EN [ ɡeɪn]
  • US [ ɡeɪn]

English definition


  • 1. a quantity that is added;

    • "there was an addition to property taxes this year"
    • "they recorded the cattle's gain in weight over a period of weeks"
  • 2. the advantageous quality of being beneficial

  • 3. the amount of increase in signal power or voltage or current expressed as the ratio of output to input

  • 4. the amount by which the revenue of a business exceeds its cost of operating


  • 1. obtain;

    • "derive pleasure from one's garden"
  • 2. win something through one's efforts;

    • "I acquired a passing knowledge of Chinese"
    • "Gain an understanding of international finance"
  • 3. derive a benefit from;

    • "She profited from his vast experience"
  • 4. reach a destination, either real or abstract;

    • "We hit Detroit by noon"
    • "The water reached the doorstep"
    • "We barely made it to the finish line"
    • "I have to hit the MAC machine before the weekend starts"
  • 5. obtain advantages, such as points, etc.;

    • "The home team was gaining ground"
    • "After defeating the Knicks, the Blazers pulled ahead of the Lakers in the battle for the number-one playoff berth in the Western Conference"
  • 6. rise in rate or price;

    • "The stock market gained 24 points today"
  • 7. increase in;

    • "gain momentum"
    • "gain nerve"
  • 8. earn on some commercial or business transaction; earn as salary or wages;

    • "How much do you make a month in your new job?"
    • "She earns a lot in her new job"
    • "this merger brought in lots of money"
    • "He clears $5,000 each month"
  • 9. increase (one's body weight);

    • "She gained 20 pounds when she stopped exercising"

Example sentences

  • Opportunism consists of sacrificing fundamental interests in order to gain temporary, partial benefits.

  • He never reaches after personal fame and gain.

  • He will crawl anywhere if he can gain something by it.

  • He was apparently unconcerned by his failure to gain a university place.

  • To gain a complete mastery of English, one must study very hard.

  • It's not a bad idea to go around a bit and gain experience.

  • There is huge competition among automakers to gain the attention of the public.

  • Many voters feel that the country would gain from a change of leadership.

  • The firemen broke down the wall in order to gain quick access to the building on fire.

  • The greedy madam stopped at nothing to gain profit.

  • I hope you will gain still greater success.

  • I take strong exception to your suggestion that this action was done for financial gain.

  • They tried to gain time by spinning out the negotiation.

  • What have I to gain by staying here?

  • It is impossible for a small company to gain on the big one while business is so inactive.

  • If he's hoping to gain promotion, he will have to pull his socks up.

  • Hundreds of people were unable to gain admittance to the hall.

  • to gain a high level of competence in English

  • The win allowed them to leapfrog three teams to gain second place.

  • News on new home sales is brighter, showing a gain of nearly 8% in June.

  • It is sad that a major company should try to gain from other people's suffering.

  • Some people will gain weight, no matter how hard they try to slim.

  • If you were wrong, admit it. You won't lose dignity, but will gain respect.

  • We have a net gain of nearly 50 seats, the biggest for any party in Scotland.

  • If this is the standard to which I have to drop to gain membership, then count me out!

  • Today the media drive athletes to the view that the important thing is to gain worldly success.

  • The government was beginning to gain the upper hand.

  • That sort of gain for Labour is nothing like good enough to win them the general election.

Phrase collocation

  • gain time

    To run too fast. Used of a timepiece.

    To delay or prolong something until a desired event occurs.

Synonym discrimination

  • acquire, obtain, gain, get, win, earn, secure

  • advantage, benefit, interest, favour, profit, gain


Meaning of gain

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