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  • EN [ ɡleə(r)]
  • US [ ɡler]

English definition


  • 1. great brightness;

    • "a glare of sunlight"
    • "the flowers were a blaze of color"
  • 2. an angry stare

  • 3. a focus of public attention;

    • "he enjoyed being in the limelight"
    • "when Congress investigates it brings the full glare of publicity to the agency"


  • 1. look at with a fixed gaze;

    • "The girl glared at the man who tried to make a pass at her"
  • 2. be sharply reflected;

    • "The moon glared back at itself from the lake's surface"
  • 3. shine intensely;

    • "The sun glared down on us"

Example sentences

  • The sun reflected off the snow, creating an awful glare.

  • His eyes were hollow , and shone with a brilliant and feverish glare.

  • The glare from the fire lit up the sky.

  • He turned his baleful glare on the cowering suspect.

  • The bright glare of morning sunlight streaming through the trees overhead awakened Scarlett.

  • They were in the full glare of publicity.

  • I glare Romilayu a dark, angry look.

  • The glare in the streets tired his eyes, the dust was intolerable, the noise was deafening.

  • The glare of lights pained one's eyes with their brightness.

  • The OLC ( directional luminance control ) provides excellent even lighting without glare.

  • She looked at him with an angry glare.

  • We wanted to offer help, but the fierce glare on his face stopped us.

  • Ah Q would rise to the bait as usual, and glare furiously.

  • The mistakes in this report really glare at you.

  • Optional polarizing optics are available for applications requiring the suppression of glare from specular surfaces.

  • The glare of the headlights almost blinded us.

  • Joe delivered a glare.

  • She fixed her questioner with an icy glare.

  • Under the glare of the street lamps, visibility was good.

  • Dark glasses are an effective shield against the glare.

  • Don't glare at me like that, you deserved the scolding.

  • A sudden glare of headlights lit the driveway.

  • The Duchess's glare was glacial.

  • Norma is said to dislike the glare of publicity.

  • It was a few moments before his eyes became adjusted to the bright glare of the sun.

  • The lights create such a glare it's next to impossible to see anything behind them.

  • He tried not to let his irritation show as he blinked in the glare of the television lights.

  • She attacked police in the full glare of TV cameras.

  • His glasses magnified his irritable glare.

Synonym discrimination

  • blaze, flame, flare, glow, glare, flash, glitter, twinkle, light

  • gaze, glare, stare, peer, glance


Meaning of glare

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