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go between

  • EN [ ɡəu biˈtwi:n]
  • US [ ɡo bɪˈtwin]

Example sentences

  • The Science and Technology Association served the function of a go - between .

  • Three is go - between among them.

  • He is our go - between , we really thank him for that.

  • She is warm - hearted, and fond of acting as a go - between .

  • Therein flavor, blame travel go - between all cannot be narrated.

  • Thanks to someone acting as a go - between, they are reconciled again.

  • I would say it a go - between, balancing more to the scientific truth.

  • There is still about 60 km left to go between the two areas.

  • We need someone to act as a go - between before our wedding.

  • Sweden is playing a role as a go - between on the issue.

  • Neighbours one already knows well may act as a go - between , though.

  • Who is there acting as a go - between for them?

  • Fortunately you acted as a go - between , otherwise it would have failed.

  • At first humans could go between the physical and nonphysical at will.

  • The business was arranged through a trust worthy go - between .

Meaning of go between

There is relatively little information about go between, maybe you can watch a bilingual story to relax your mood, I wish you a happy day!

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