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  • EN [ hɑ:ˈməʊniəs]
  • US [ hɑrˈmoʊniəs]

English definition


  • 1. musically pleasing

  • 2. exhibiting equivalence or correspondence among constituents of an entity or between different entities

  • 3. suitable and fitting;

    • "the tailored clothes were harmonious with her military bearing"
  • 4. existing together in harmony;

    • "harmonious family relationships"

Example sentences

  • Develop and maintain a close and harmonious working relationship with all hotel departments.

  • The Marx harmonious society theory indicates forward direction and has provided the important enlightenment to us.

  • Accordingly, the road of circular economy will be the only alternative of harmonious society.

  • Their relationship is harmonious and supportive to this day.

  • Let's work together to build up a harmonious society.

  • Beautiful white stockings at the foot of the above is so harmonious.

  • Mass media plays an important role in building a harmonious Hubei.

  • Setting up the harmonious campus needs to build up harmonious relation of and pupil.

  • Nature around us follows this harmonious relationship.

  • The harmonious blendofancientcalligraphy and modern sans serif fonts works like a charm.

  • Justice is the key subject of ethics, asas the important criterion of achieving to harmonious.

  • Magnetic resonance attracts those frequencies that are compatible or harmonious to one another.

  • Let the mind obtain the extrication, achieves the heart and the body harmonious wisdom.

  • Chili Powders provide an especially harmonious blend of flavors and pungent smell.

  • Your perfectly harmonious salad is ready!

  • For you to create a harmonious and healthy business opportunity!

  • Have a harmonious cooperation with colleague and working for the company.

  • The relationship between Bruce and us is harmonious.

  • Grasping the principal contradiction among the people is the urgent requirement to building the harmonious society.

  • He tried to chaos in an orderly and harmonious universe planned.

  • The harmonious interpersonal relationship inevitably is one kind of good condition.

  • During constructing the harmonious society the crucial issue is the public administration of the government.

  • Conduct of that kind hardly makes for a harmonious atmosphere in the club.

  • To live and let live are basinal for harmonious society.

  • If they would simply go home, all under the Heavens would be harmonious once more.

  • They can build a more harmonious society once inequality and exploitation are removed.

  • a harmonious combination of colours

  • The architecture is harmonious and no building is over five or six floors high.

  • It is a harmonious community where pupils are happy and industrious.


Meaning of harmonious

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