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  • EN [ ˈhelθi]
  • US [ ˈhelθi]

English definition


  • 1. having or indicating good health in body or mind; free from infirmity or disease;

    • "a rosy healthy baby"
    • "staying fit and healthy"
  • 2. financially secure and functioning well;

    • "a healthy economy"
  • 3. promoting health; healthful;

    • "a healthy diet"
    • "clean healthy air"
    • "plenty of healthy sleep"
    • "healthy and normal outlets for youthful energy"
    • "the salubrious mountain air and water"- C.B.Davis
    • "carrots are good for you"
  • 4. physically and mentally sound or healthy;

    • "felt relaxed and fit after their holiday"
    • "keeps fit with diet and exercise"
  • 5. exercising or showing good judgment;

    • "healthy scepticism"
    • "a healthy fear of rattlesnakes"
    • "the healthy attitude of French laws"
    • "healthy relations between labor and management"
    • "an intelligent solution"
    • "a sound approach to the problem"
    • "sound advice"
    • "no sound explanation for his decision"

Example sentences

  • The country's economy is not very healthy.

  • She was overjoyed when the doctor told her that her newborn baby is healthy and normal.

  • A bad home environment can affect a child's healthy growth.

  • He appears to be strong and healthy , but , as a matter of fact, he suffers from a very weak heart.

  • She gave birth to a fine healthy baby.

  • The child is lively as well as healthy.

  • To be healthy one must have an adequate diet.

  • Fresh air and exercise develop healthy bodies.

  • Such a fixation with money can't be healthy.

  • Swimming is a healthy pleasure.

  • He's a very sturdy child and very healthy.

  • Sugar is the destroyer of healthy teeth.

  • He looked disgustingly healthy when he got back from the Bahamas.

  • More information on healthy foods should be provided at the point of sale .

  • Was it just a temporary blip on an otherwise healthy growth curve?

  • Companies across the country are beginning to show a healthy interest in theatre for children.

  • You invariably leave your health club a darned sight less healthy than when you went in.

  • In the past we have heard only negatives when it came to following a healthy diet.

  • By and large, the rules for healthy eating are the same during pregnancy as at any other time.

  • It may come as a surprise to some that a normal, healthy child is born with many skills.

  • The moisturiser gave my face a healthy glow that lasted all day.

  • The technique consists of injecting healthy cells into the weakened muscles.

  • Most of us need to lead more balanced lives to be healthy and happy.

  • Frommen says his country boasts a healthy economy.

  • Many women who miscarry eventually have healthy babies.

  • The healthy trade figures mask a much gloomier picture.

  • It is becoming harder for the authorities to sucker healthy banks into taking over smaller ones.

  • Her mother was a dedicated apostle of healthy eating.

  • Congratulations, you have a healthy baby boy.

  • Competition can be healthy, but if it is pushed too far it can result in bullying.

Synonym discrimination

  • healthy, sound, robust, well, strong, vigorous, sturdy, tough, wholesome, fit

  • healthy, healthful, wholesome


Meaning of healthy

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