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Example sentences

  • The adrenals usually appear normals, but occasional hemorrhages may occur in the cortex and medulla.

  • The adrenals usually appear normal, but occasional hemorrhages may occur in the cortex and medulla.

  • Here are petechial hemorrhages seen on the epicardium of the heart.

  • There were no cerebrospinal fluid ( CSF ) leaks or delayed hemorrhages.

  • In malignant nephrosclerosis, the kidney demonstrates focal small hemorrhages.

  • When severe diffuse hemorrhage occurred in the hemorrhages were likely to be seen beneath the capsule.

  • There is usually a waxy pallor. Hemorrhages occur in mucous membranes, skin, and other organs.

  • The extensive white matter petechial hemorrhages seen here are typical for fat embolism syndrome.

  • All epithelial cells in the lamellae separated from capillary blood vessel, ( → ) showing hemorrhages.

  • The infarction seen here has punctate hemorrhages. This infarct was caused by an embolus.

  • Objective To appraise the clinic effect of mini - invasive drainage on hemorrhages cerebral apoplexy with herniation.

  • The posttreatment hemorrhage rate included all symptomatic hemorrhages, those that were attributable to the treatment itself.

Meaning of hemorrhages

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