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  • EN [ haɪ]
  • US [ haɪ]

English definition


  • 1. a lofty level or position or degree;

    • "summer temperatures reached an all-time high"
  • 2. an air mass of higher than normal pressure;

    • "the east coast benefits from a Bermuda high"
  • 3. a state of sustained elation;

    • "I'm on a permanent high these days"
  • 4. a state of altered consciousness induced by alcohol or narcotics;

    • "they took drugs to get a high on"
  • 5. a high place;

    • "they stood on high and observed the coutryside"
    • "he doesn't like heights"
  • 6. a public secondary school usually including grades 9 through 12;

    • "he goes to the neighborhood highschool"
  • 7. a forward gear with a gear ratio giving high vehicle velocity for a given engine speed


  • 1. greater than normal in degree or intensity or amount;

    • "a high temperature"
    • "a high price"
    • "the high point of his career"
    • "high risks"
    • "has high hopes"
    • "the river is high"
    • "he has a high opinion of himself"
  • 2. (literal meanings) being at or having a relatively great or specific elevation or upward extension (sometimes used in combinations like `knee-high');

    • "a high mountain"
    • "high ceilings"
    • "high buildings"
    • "a high forehead"
    • "a high incline"
    • "a foot high"
  • 3. standing above others in quality or position;

    • "people in high places"
    • "the high priest"
    • "eminent members of the community"
  • 4. used of sounds and voices; high in pitch or frequency

  • 5. happy and excited and energetic

  • 6. used of the smell of game beginning to taint

  • 7. slightly and pleasantly intoxicated from alcohol or a drug (especially marijuana)


  • 1. at a great altitude;

    • "he climbed high on the ladder"
  • 2. in or to a high position, amount, or degree;

    • "prices have gone up far too high"
  • 3. in a rich manner;

    • "he lives high"
  • 4. far up toward the source;

    • "he lives high up the river"

Example sentences

  • Our neighbours built their walls high.

  • They ought to win with players of such high caliber.

  • Has the child rallied from her high fever yet?

  • A good teacher should implant high ideals in children.

  • The beef is high.

  • Environmentalists say there is a high risk of pollution from the landfill site.

  • He maintained an attitude of high seriousness.

  • There the incidence of the cancer of the oesophagus was suspected to be pretty high.

  • A high ceiling gives a feeling of airness and spaciousness.

  • The house sits high on a hill overlooking a lake.

  • There is already a high level of environmental contamination.

  • Letters were piled high in the tray.

  • John is in high spirits at the prospects.

  • He has a high aim in life.

  • The plane would probably disintegrate at that high speed.

  • All around it rose , high and steep, the green hills.

  • The disease typically manifests itself in a high fever and chest pains.

  • He was mouthing off about the high price of fish.

  • It's possible to score six runs off a single ball, if you hit it far and high enough.

  • The students of Umtata High School were mostly Protestant.

  • We should aim high and not think " That's good enough ".

  • To live high does not mean being high in one's qualities.

  • The band loan rate is unbelievably high.

  • Businesswomen can earn high salaries in Los.

  • The grain is heaped up as high as a mountain.

  • The high cost of oil poses serious problems for industry.

  • She sang a high note.

  • The newspaper exposes corruption in high places without being tamed by their arbitrariness.

Phrase collocation

  • ace (或 king或 queen 等) high

    (in card games) having the ace (or another specified card) as the highest-ranking

  • from on high

    from a very high place

  • high and mighty

    important and influential

    • the accursed high and mighty elite.

  • the high ground

    a position of superiority (originally in military conflict)

    • if he turns it down, he will have lost the moral high ground to the president.

  • a high old ——

    [attrib.](informal)used for emphasis

    • a high old time of it we all had.

  • high, wide, and handsome

    (informal)expansive and impressive

  • it is high time that ——

    it is past the time when something should have happened or been done

    • it was high time that she faced facts.

  • on one's high horse

    (informal)used to refer to someone behaving in an arrogant or pompous manner

  • run high

    (of a river) be full and close to overflowing, with a strong current

  • high and dry

    In a position of helplessness; stranded

    • went off and left me high and dry.

    &I{Nautical} Out of water. Used of a ship, for example.

  • high and low

    Here and there; everywhere

    • searched high and low for the keys.

  • on high

    High in the sky.

    In heaven.

    In a position of authority.


  • come hell or high water

    • I'll find out come hell or high water.

  • in high gear

    • The auto industry is in high gear.

  • high hatter

    • Damn dressed-up high-hatter!

  • high and dry

    • Here I sit high and dry—no food, no money, no nothing.

    • The old man was left high and dry.

  • high iron

Synonym discrimination

  • high, tall, lofty


Meaning of high

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