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  • EN [ həʊl]
  • US [ hoʊl]

English definition


  • 1. an opening into or through something

  • 2. an opening deliberately made in or through something

  • 3. one playing period (from tee to green) on a golf course;

    • "he played 18 holes"
  • 4. an unoccupied space

  • 5. a depression hollowed out of solid matter

  • 6. a fault;

    • "he shot holes in my argument"
  • 7. informal terms for a difficult situation;

    • "he got into a terrible fix"
    • "he made a muddle of his marriage"
  • 8. informal terms for the mouth


  • 1. hit the ball into the hole

  • 2. make holes in

Example sentences

  • Rescue workers are therefore drilling a hole on the north side of the mine.

  • They plan to excavate a large hole.

  • Water spurted out of the hole.

  • They have boarded up the hole in the wall.

  • He wore a sprig of lilac in his button hole.

  • He keeks through a hole in the door.

  • This glove has a hole in the thumb.

  • The hole has been stopped up with putty.

  • There is a hole in the thumb of his mitten.

  • Bears hole up for the winter to go by.

  • A nail tore a hole in her skirt.

  • This cloth is so thin that you can pick a hole in it with your finger.

  • A lighted cigarette burned a hole in his clothes.

  • Water spouted through the hole.

  • They dug a hole.

  • He smoked the snakes out from the hole.

  • They dug a deep hole in the hillside.

  • There's a hole in the crotch.

  • I can't stand living in this godforsaken hole.

  • Snip a tiny hole in the paper.

  • Dig a largish hole and bang the stake in first.

  • Taylor is clearly the wrong man for the job — a square peg in a round hole.

  • I bored a hole so that the fixing bolt would pass through.

  • We need more folk heroes like we need a hole in the head.

  • He was trying to push it through the hole and it wouldn't go.

  • Why don't you leave this awful hole and come to live with me?

  • Armed robbers broke into the jeweller's through a hole in the wall.

Phrase collocation

  • hole out &I{【体育运动】}

    To hit a golf ball into the hole.

  • hole up

    To hibernate in or as if in a hole.

    &I{Informal} To take refuge in or as if in a hideout.

  • blow a hole in

    ruin the effectiveness of (something)

    • the amendment could blow a hole in the legislation.

  • in holes

    worn so much that holes have formed

    • my clothes are in holes.

  • make a hole in

    use a large amount of

    • holidays can make a big hole in your savings.

  • need something like a hole in the head

    (informal)used to emphasize that someone has absolutely no need or desire for something

  • hole out

    (Golf)send the ball into a hole

    (Cricket)(of a batsman) hit the ball to a fielder and be caught

  • hole in one&I{【体育运动】}

    The driving of a golf ball from the tee into the hole in only one stroke.

  • in the hole

    Having a score below zero.

    In debt.

    At a disadvantage.


  • puke hole

    • Shut your puke hole and listen to what I am telling you!

    • Carl spends almost every evening at the local puke hole.

    • Who didn't flush the puke hole?

  • water hole

    • Now this place is one of my favorite water hole.

    • I think you live down at that watering hole.

  • ace in the hole

    • The lawyer's ace in the hole was a secret witness who had seen the accident.

Synonym discrimination

  • hole, cave, cavity, hollow, pit

Meaning of hole

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