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  • EN [ ˈhɒləʊ]
  • US [ ˈhɑːloʊ]

English definition


  • 1. a cavity or space in something;

    • "hunger had caused the hollows in their cheeks"
  • 2. a small valley between mountains;

    • "he built himself a cabin in a hollow high up in the Appalachians"
  • 3. a depression hollowed out of solid matter


  • 1. remove the inner part or the core of;

    • "the mining company wants to excavate the hillsite"
  • 2. remove the interior of;

    • "hollow out a tree trunk"


  • 1. not solid; having a space or gap or cavity;

    • "a hollow wall"
    • "a hollow tree"
    • "hollow cheeks"
    • "his face became gaunter and more hollow with each year"
  • 2. deliberately deceptive;

    • "hollow (or false) promises"
    • "false pretenses"
  • 3. as if echoing in a hollow space;

    • "the hollow sound of footsteps in the empty ballroom"
  • 4. devoid of significance or point;

    • "empty promises"
    • "a hollow victory"
    • "vacuous comments"

Example sentences

  • She looked old and thin with sunken cheeks and hollow eyes.

  • The boys scraped out a hollow place for planting trees.

  • The hollow was full of trees but the higher ground was covered with grass.

  • The cottage is in that hollow.

  • He gave a hollow laugh.

  • Bamboo is a sort of hollow plant.

  • A iron bar is solid; a pipe is hollow.

  • Bamboo is light because it is hollow.

  • Woodpeckers inhabit hollow trees.

  • A bar of iron is solid; a pipe is hollow.

  • A thin, hollow needle was carefully introduced into the patient's abdomen.

  • Then he found himself in a hollow vally.

  • He can beat me hollow at mathematics.

  • He has hollow cheeks.

  • The rabbit tires and falls, landing inside the hollow trunk of a sycamore tree, where he is trapped.

  • This tree has been eaten hollow by worms.

  • More gravel is needed to fill the hollow in the drive.

  • The tree trunk was hollow inside.

  • Bake some big red peppers and hollow them out.

  • I felt empty and hollow; defeated.

  • The rumpus has made all the optimistic statements about unity and harmony ring a little hollow.

  • Directly following this treatment, he had a hollow, empty feeling in his stomach.

  • His proud boast of leading "the party of low taxation" has a hollow ring.

  • The ersatz spontaneity of "Sunday Love" sounds especially hollow.

  • Murray Pick's hollow laugh had no mirth in it.

  • I made my home there, in the hollow of a dying elm.

  • The victory looks rather hollow. That takes nothing away from the courage and skill of the fighting forces.

  • Below him the town lay warm in the hollow of the hill.

Phrase collocation

  • beat someone hollow

    defeat or surpass someone completely or thoroughly

Synonym discrimination

  • empty, vacant, hollow, blank, open

  • hole, cave, cavity, hollow, pit


Meaning of hollow

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