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  • EN [ ˈhɒrəbl]
  • US [ ˈhɔːrəbl]

English definition


  • 1. provoking horror;

    • "an atrocious automobile accident"
    • "a frightful crime of decapitation"
    • "an alarming, even horrifying, picture"
    • "war is beyond all words horrible"- Winston Churchill
    • "an ugly wound"

Example sentences

  • That is a horrible accident.

  • How does nightmare do ceaselessly? How did I see horrible book look?

  • The incidents of sexual violence laid bare the horrible contortion of human nature inflicted by war.

  • Of course Caspian's ship was not that horrible thing, a galley rowed by slaves.

  • The game is a simple, playful enactment of a horrible scene that might occur in accidents.

  • Clerks and boss: ( in chorus ) Ah? That's horrible!

  • They can't forget the horrible story of that vally.

  • Quarrel is not terrible, horrible a long period of the Cold War.

  • The sight was so horrible that Laura changed colour from fear.

  • This is a horrible monster.

  • Life is like a box of nightmare, you'll never know how horrible the next day is.

  • With some kind of spirited sense he seemed to envisage a bleak, horrible void.

  • The decision they made was horrible.

  • He loomed up a horrible figure.

  • What a horrible thing to say!

  • And now, like a thunderclap, had come this horrible news.

  • Don't be so horrible to me!

  • The use of nuclear weapons is a horrible threat to the species.

  • The thought of the horrible scene made my flesh creep.

  • The coffee tasted horrible.

  • I was repulsed by the horrible smell.

  • What a horrible thing to do.

  • This is such a flipping horrible picture.

  • They made sure that he died a horrible death.

  • It was absolutely horrible going up the hills 'cos they were really, really steep.

  • A statement on Amman Radio spoke of bestial aggression and a horrible massacre.

  • Loneliness can be horrible, but it need not remain that way.

  • Ugh — it was horrible.

  • Unless you respect other people's religions, horrible mistakes and conflict will occur.

  • That seems like a horrible mess that will drag on for years.

Synonym discrimination

  • afraid, fearful, awful, dreadful, frightful, terrible, horrible, terrific, appalling

Meaning of horrible

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