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in law

  • EN [ in lɔ:]
  • US [ ɪn lɔ]

Example sentences

  • A career in law is becoming increasingly attractive to young people.

  • He had been deeply affected by the sudden death of his father-in-law.

  • Her sister-in-law's nose is a little out of joint.

  • She told them that her daughter-in-law was manic-depressive.

  • With her were her son and daughter-in-law.

  • The old woman nagged ( at ) her daughter - in - law all day long.

  • My mother and my mother - in - law are getting on famously.

  • As soon as his mother - in - law arrived, he made himself scarce.

  • They are both my brothers - in - law .

  • His father - in - law is a plantation manager.

  • He would not receive her as his daughter - in - law .

  • They two are sisters - in - law .

  • He began living out his rock "n" roll fantasy during his last year in law school.

  • I was invited to the club through the good offices of my father - in - law .

  • Aunt Zhang, her face radiating happiness , stood at the door waiting for her daughter - in - law who was coming from town.

Meaning of in law

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