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  • EN [ ˈɡlɔːri]
  • US [ ˈɡlɔːri]

अंग्रेजी की परिभाषा


  • 1. a state of high honor;

    • "he valued glory above life itself"
  • 2. brilliant radiant beauty;

    • "the glory of the sunrise"
  • 3. an indication of radiant light drawn around the head of a saint


  • 1. rejoice proudly

उदाहरण वाक्यों

  • Rev. 21:26 And they will bring the glory and the honor of the nations into it.

  • The young rebels will be catapulted into scientific fame and glory.

  • All glory comes from daring to begin.

  • Autumn is the time to see the beech woods in all their glory.

  • No road of flowers lead to glory.

  • No pain, no palm ; no throne; no gall, no glory; no cross, no crown.

  • For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory for ever . Amen.

  • The glory of his country was his ambition.

  • A cur barking at the sun cannot detract from its glory.

  • This moment of mystic glory had an unquiet background.

  • Thou shalt guide me with thy and afterward receive me to glory.

  • Old game with new ideas can shine like the glory, it is strongly recommended!

  • Being knighted by the Queen was the crowning glory of his long and successful career.

  • After years of neglecting, the palace has been restored to its former glory.

  • He was bathed in glory on the day he became the Ministry.

  • Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom.

  • They are driven by a craving for personal glory.

  • She basked in the reflected glory of her daughter's success.

  • Her crowning glory is her hair.

  • In Milton's poem, Satan, even after his fall, dimly reflects his former glory.

  • The glory of the dawn [ morning ] is mirrored on [ in ] the lake.

  • The cathedral is the crowning glory of the city.

  • Olympic glory in the 100 metres

  • She basked in the reflected glory of her daughter's success.

  • I am never going back to prison. I am going to make national news headlines and go out in a blaze of glory.

  • The maple trees were in their autumn glory of russets, reds and browns.

  • The glory of the idea blossomed in his mind.

  • He does not glory in his past successes and looks forward to achieving more.

  • The crowd sang "Land of Hope and Glory" and other patriotic songs.

  • What joy, what rapture, what glory to see him again!

वाक्यांश कोलाजेशन

  • glory be!

    expressing enthusiastic piety

  • go to glory

    die; be destroyed

  • in one's glory

    (informal)in a state of extreme joy or exaltation

पर्यायवाची भेदभाव

  • fame, honour, reputation, glory, renown


glory का अर्थ

glory के बारे में अपेक्षाकृत कम जानकारी है, शायद आप अपने मनोदशा को आराम करने के लिए एक द्विभाषी कहानी देख सकते हैं, मैं आपको एक शुभ दिन की शुभकामनाएं देता हूं!

दिन की द्विभाषी पढ़ना

  • A woman walks into a pet shop and sees a cute little dog. She asks the shopkeeper, "Does your dog bite?"
  • एक महिला एक पालतू जानवर की दुकान में जाती है और एक प्यारा सा कुत्ता देखती है। वह दुकानदार से पूछती है, "क्या आपका कुत्ता काटता है?"
  • The shopkeeper says, "No, my dog does not bit."
  • दुकानदार कहता है, "नहीं, मेरा कुत्ता नहीं है।"
  • The woman tries to pet the dog and the dog bites her.
  • महिला कुत्ते को पालतू बनाने की कोशिश करती है और कुत्ता उसे काट लेता है।
  • "Ouch!" She says, "I thought you said your dog does not bite!"
  • "आउच!" वह कहती है, "मुझे लगा कि तुमने कहा था कि तुम्हारा कुत्ता नहीं काटता!"
  • The shopkeeper replies, "That is not my dog!"
  • दुकानदार जवाब देता है, "यह मेरा कुत्ता नहीं है!"
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