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  • EN [ ˈɪnstɪtjuːt]
  • US [ ˈɪnstɪtuːt]

English definition


  • 1. an association organized to promote art or science or education


  • 1. set up or lay the groundwork for;

    • "establish a new department"
  • 2. avance or set forth in court;

    • "bring charges", "institute proceedings"

Example sentences

  • At the same time , the experimental r 6 sults with the blackbody furnace in Netherlands Measurements Institute ( NMi ) are also presented.

  • The Institute of Geophysics , CAS was established in 1950, headed by Zhao.

  • Wang Yongliang ( 1970 ~ ), male , PhD . candidate, Beijing Broadcasting Institute.

  • Institute of why personal loans are the best sources.

  • I like your institute but I do not want to enrol.

  • He gave a talk to the Women's Institute on his travels in Asia.

  • There is a middle school attached to the institute.

  • Our institute has ordered a great many instruments from the company.

  • They inspected the work of the institute.

  • The government intends to institute court action against the firm which has disobeyed the wage controls.

  • The Institute says that an unidentified virus is to blame for the syndrome.

  • They institute a suit against him.

  • She belongs to the Chartered Institute of Management.

  • There are many ancient codes and records in the library of our institute.

  • He thought of trying for a position in a research institute.

  • They're going to start an advanced course in English at that institute.

  • the Institute of Chartered Accountants

  • The hottest show in town was the Monet Exhibition at the Art Institute.

  • Mr Lin is associate director of the Institute.

  • The Institute of Export now fears that 100,000 jobs will go.

  • The National Cancer Institute now has a computerized system that can quickly provide information.

  • He visited the Institute of Neurology in Havana where they both worked.

  • The Institute spends a lot of time scratching its head about how to boost American productivity.

  • At the Curtis Institute he studied conducting with Fritz Reiner.

  • He got a scholarship to the Pratt Institute of Art.

  • The research institute is on the track of what causes the artery damage.

  • He was speaking to an audience of students at the Institute for International Affairs.

Synonym discrimination

  • club, association, institute, league, union, society

  • college, university, institute, school, academy

Meaning of institute

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