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  • EN [ ɪntɜ:kə'leɪʃən]
  • US [ ɪntɜkə'leɪʃən]

English definition


  • 1. an insertion into a calendar

Example sentences

  • The preparation, characterization and application of intercalation material are summarized in this paper.

  • Based on thermodynamics and kinetics analyse, some research achievements in theory a - bout melting intercalation are summarized.

  • With increasing urea, the d 001 value ofthe montmorillonite - urea intercalation complex will increase gradually to some extent.

  • Laminar blending and intercalation compounding were two new technologies to improve plastic barrier property.

  • The kaolinite - potassium acetate intercalation complex was prepared and characterized by XRD, FT - IR, and TG - DSC .

  • Eustatic lake level and source change had resulted in intercalation development in braided delta system.

  • Intercalated or exfoliated nanocomposites can be prepared by melt - intercalation and in - situ coordination polymerization.

  • The mechanism research and theoretical models of polymer melting intercalation are discussed in detail.

  • Intercalation of massive, fine grained deposits suggests offshore transport of carbonate mud by suspension.

  • In this thesis, polyethylene was chose and its nanocomposites had been prepared successfully via melt intercalation.

Meaning of intercalation

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