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  • EN [ dʒɪə(r)]
  • US [ dʒɪr]

English definition


  • 1. showing your contempt by derision


  • 1. laugh at with contempt and derision;

    • "The crowd jeered at the speaker"

Example sentences

  • Do not jeer at the mistakes or misfortunes of others.

  • Look at those saddos going to the Royal Opera House, I would jeer.

  • I didn't come here today to jeer: I want to give advice.

  • He was stabbed to the heart by the girl's jeer.

  • Don't jeer at the mistake of others.

  • Don't jeer at the person who came last in the race - it's very unkind.

  • He looked over the counter at Leo , and Leo watched him with a weary, brittle jeer.

  • You can whistle, jeer and yarn at us: shame on China!

  • The children liked to jeer at the awkward student.

  • Using one thumb to point at others implies one's contempt or jeer.

  • Stop making a mock and a jeer out of other people's business.

  • You may jeer, but can you do any better?

  • They all jeer at the foolish speaker.

  • Please don't jeer at my efforts.

  • Do not jeer at the misfortunes of others.



Meaning of jeer

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