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  • EN [ dʒʌg]
  • US [ dʒʌɡ]

English definition


  • 1. a large bottle with a narrow mouth

  • 2. the quantity contained in a jug


  • 1. lock up or confine, in or as in a jail;

    • "The suspects were imprisoned without trial"
    • "the murderer was incarcerated for the rest of his life"
  • 2. stew in an earthenware jug;

    • "jug the rabbit"

Example sentences

  • He picked up the jug and headed toward her house.

  • All he wanted was a jug of beer.

  • Give me a jug, please.

  • The hoodlum is still in jug.

  • He placed the wine cup and jug beside the bed.

  • This jug must have a crack somewhere because it doesn't retain water.

  • A thermos jug was useful for carrying off spare liquids.

  • I was holding a jug while Annie pumped.

  • Car il est puissant , le Seigneur Dieu qui l'a jug é e.

  • He let the jug fall on the floor, and it broke in pieces.

  • Though he sampled the jug you could see he couldn't taste it.

  • Put the teapot beside the milk jug.

  • When I tried to lift the jug, the handle came off.

  • He walked along with a water jug poised on his head.

  • She filled the jug with fresh water.

  • A jug usually has a spout or a narrow neck, and a handle.

  • A plastic milk jug takes 1 million years to decompose.

  • It happened at the well where I was holding a jug while Annie pumped.

  • And my jug without a handle!

  • Look at the water jug in the picture.

  • He walked along with a jug poised on his head.

  • The liquid in the jug is cabbage water indicator.

  • We keep the dinner set, the coffee set and the milk jug inside the sideboard.

  • I bought that jug as part of a job lot at the church jumble sale.

  • The original Newell image contains a milk jug, but that data isn't in the funet archive.

  • She always used to decant the milk into a jug.

  • After looking at the jug, Faulkner concurred that it was late Roman, third or fourth century.

  • She found a pretty yellow jug smashed to bits.


Meaning of jug

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