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  • EN [ ˌdʒʌkstəpə'zɪʃn]
  • US [ ˌdʒʌkstəpəˈzɪʃən]

English definition


  • 1. the act of positioning close together (or side by side);

    • "it is the result of the juxtaposition of contrasting colors"
  • 2. a side-by-side position

Example sentences

  • This juxtaposition of brutal reality and lyrical beauty runs through Park's stories.

  • The juxtaposition of these two remarks was startling.

  • Babies'bootees and cheap cigarette lighters were displayed in unlikely juxtaposition.

  • We use juxtaposition to denote conjunction, AB means both A and B.

  • One never fully accepts the juxtaposition of the Hemingway - person in his writing with the simple man.

  • Try to avoid the too frequent use of such Latin words as juxtaposition, animadvert, salutation, recapitulate.

  • It is the result of the juxtaposition of contrasting colors.

  • The wrenching juxtaposition of warm air and cool water shocked me most.

  • However, some people crave just this sort of juxtaposition.

  • Chinese - English Code Juxtaposition: A Cohesive Device or a Translation Strategy?

  • The juxtaposition of the colors shows their differences.

  • The juxtaposition of these images shows not just Cartier - Bresson's range also his gift for group portraits.

  • Through the juxtaposition of old andmaterials, the truthfulness and limitations of recorded images the open.

  • Prof. of Physiology: Kiss is the juxtaposition of two oris muscles in the state of contraction.


Meaning of juxtaposition

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