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  • EN [ kɪn]
  • US [ kɪn]

English definition


  • 1. a person having kinship with another or others;

    • "he's kin"
    • "he's family"
  • 2. group of people related by blood or marriage


  • 1. related by blood

Example sentences

  • It is more than 4,000 miles ( 6 , 000 kin ) wide where Columbus crossed it.

  • Lee, Kin and Ma were three sworn brothers.

  • Then Ah Kin became a young clerk in the shop.

  • He comes of good kin.

  • What kin is he to you?

  • And he was born the Slave ext of kinnext of kin to the wayward wind.

  • The barrister has to burden certain professional r is kin collecting evidence when he pleads criminally.

  • The settlors or next of kin of the settlors are usually directors of the trustee company.

  • He is thenext of my kin.

  • Your cousin is also kin to me.

  • " W'en you is mahied, you kin eat, too, " retorted Mammy.

  • She kin sew and fix hair good as a grown pusson. "

  • A mercenary gets involved in a mission that threatens the lives of his kin.

  • Ah kin perteck Miss Pitty lak Ah allus done.

  • All John's kith and kin came to his wedding.

  • Better be blamed by our kith and kin, than be kissed by the enemy.

  • Ah Kin nodded his head many times and accepted the offer.

  • Children being shaped by peers and gangs, instead of by parents and grandparents and kin.

  • A very poor widow lived in a village with her only son, Ah Kin.

  • Please cancel A shipment per sample kIn your letter of credit.

  • You point a gun at me? Your own kin? Your dear papa?

  • Timid and shy and scared am I , Of things beyond my kin.

  • EHS Policy: cost , ensure environment, protect kin color compliance with regulations, security.

  • You point a gun at me? Your kin? Your dear papa?

  • All our kin came to the family reunion.

  • She has gone to live with her husband's kin.

  • I'm her next of kin.

  • We have notified the next of kin.


Meaning of kin

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