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  • EN [ ˈkɪnʃɪp]
  • US [ ˈkɪnˌʃɪp]

English definition


  • 1. a close connection marked by community of interests or similarity in nature or character;

    • "found a natural affinity with the immigrants"
    • "felt a deep kinship with the other students"
    • "anthropology's kinship with the humanities"
  • 2. state of relatedness or connection by blood or marriage or adoption

Example sentences

  • I felt a certain kinship to them.

  • Friendship ranks with marriage and kinship as one of the most important relationships in our lives.

  • I feel a strong kinship with him.

  • Wicca is a joyous religion springing from our kinship with nature.

  • Those marks of their constant tread have noteffaced though their kinship has been long forgotten.

  • These two steel towns have an unusual kinship, spanning 5,000 miles and a decade economic upheaval.

  • This marriage further strengthened the kinship ties family to the other important nobilities of Bhutan.

  • People tend to make sense of relationship by kinship.

  • There is no kinship between them, but they two are very close.

  • Where businessmen can gain access to creditwithout having to claim kinship, caste affiliations wither.

  • I feel a certain kinship with him.

  • This paper is based on the kinship term and the address in social intercourse.

  • Nonmusicians had a real kinship with Bernstein or Lenny, as almost everyone thought of him.

  • Like ties of kinship , ties of friendship are meant to be absolutely binding.

  • We feel a special kinship with you.

  • In the language ocean, kinship address has a significant quantity and it plays an important role.

  • I didn't have the nerve to ask a direct question about his kinship with those heads.

  • Even after meeting only once , they felt a kinship.

  • Being a common social phenomenon, kinship relationship has drawn anthropologists interest for a long time.

  • His areas of expertise include folklore, mythology, the Chinese dragon, Chinese family and kinship.

  • Concerned about is a kinship, a ray of Acacia, a blessing.

  • Establishing every kinship terminology is on the basis of the suit ab le marriage family system.

  • Also , Laurel Holloman feels love and kinship, not only with her own family, nationality, or group.

  • I began with the kinship charts.

  • Primary institutions comprising the support network include kinship, peer, and neighborhood or community subgroups.

  • Moreover, comparing MHCs could be a proxy for comparing kinship, and thus help to prevent inbreeding.

  • This view of kinship helps explain why Mormons are so interested in genealogy.

  • the ties of kinship

  • The ties of kinship may have helped the young man find his way in life.

  • She evidently felt a sense of kinship with the woman.


Meaning of kinship

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