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  • EN [ ˈnɒlɪdʒ]
  • US [ ˈnɑːlɪdʒ]

English definition


  • 1. the psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning

Example sentences

  • He was eager to match his knowledge against mine.

  • He possesses an extensive knowledge of banking.

  • The knowledge of his guilt tormented him.

  • The quiz was a good opportunity for the exhibition of his knowledge.

  • Owing to the limitation of our knowledge, there must be mistakes and errors in the book.

  • He has a superficial knowledge of this subject.

  • He often values himself on [ upon ] his knowledge.

  • Each of the sputniks added something to our knowledge.

  • He surprised us with his knowledge of the locality.

  • There can be no knowledge apart from practice.

  • He devotes his time to the acquisition of knowledge.

  • We have progressed in knowledge.

  • Genuine knowledge comes from practice.

  • She has a passable knowledge of Japanese.

  • The door to knowledge is study.

  • He is saturated with knowledge.

  • An encyclopaedia contains a lot of knowledge.

  • He managed to acquire a thin veneer of knowledge to mask his real ignorance.

  • He had an encyclopedic command of the field of knowledge, and by a word or a phase, by delicate rapier thrust, he punctured them.

  • Words are timeless. You should utter them or write them with a knowledge of their timelessness.

  • Knowledge is acquired, not innate.

  • Science means honest , solid knowledge.

  • He wants to brush up his knowledge of electronics.

  • Our knowledge about agriculture has so far been exclusively confined to books.

  • I have only a rudimentary knowledge of chemistry.

  • Teachers sometimes presuppose a fairly high level of knowledge by the students.

  • She knew she was taking a big liberty in developing Mick's photos without his knowledge.

  • Arriving at the railway station, I put local knowledge to the test and ask a taxi driver.

Phrase collocation

  • come to one's knowledge

    become known to one

  • to (the best of) my knowledge

    so far as I know

    as I know for certain

Synonym discrimination

  • knowledge, learning, scholarship


Meaning of knowledge

There is relatively little information about knowledge, maybe you can watch a bilingual story to relax your mood, I wish you a happy day!

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