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  • EN [ ˌlækəˈdeɪzɪkl]
  • US [ ˌlækəˈdezɪkəl]

English definition


  • 1. lacking spirit or liveliness;

    • "a lackadaisical attempt"
    • "a languid mood"
    • "a languid wave of the hand"
    • "a hot languorous afternoon"
  • 2. idle or indolent especially in a dreamy way;

    • "she was annoyingly lackadaisical and impractical"
    • "a...lackadaisical, spiritless young man-about-town"- P.G.Wodehouse

Example sentences

  • His will was sapped and his whole attitude was lackadaisical.

  • Select kidneys and maintenance, so that my energy away from the valedictory lackadaisical days of fatigue!

  • Lao Wang is very serious with work, so do not be lackadaisical.

  • She was annoyingly lackadaisical and impractical.

  • There'll be no time to correct lackadaisical driving techniques after trouble develops.

  • So , Cicero first warned us against the danger of being lackadaisical.

  • The lackadaisical clerk threw my change on the counter.

  • Alas, the case of the lackadaisical Lakers might just have been solved.

  • My problem is, that when we get a few wins, we become lackadaisical.

  • There'll be no time to correct lackadaisical driving techniques after trouble develops ( William J. Hampton )

  • Dr. Jonsen seemed a little lackadaisical at times.


Meaning of lackadaisical

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