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  • EN [ lætʃ]
  • US [ lætʃ]

English definition


  • 1. spring-loaded doorlock that can only be opened from the outside with a key

  • 2. catch for fastening a door or gate; a bar that can be lowered or slid into a groove


  • 1. fasten with a latch;

    • "latch the door"

Example sentences

  • Latch right lavatory door into divider and verify LAV DOOR annunciator extinguishes.

  • By no means will I leave the front door on the latch at night now.

  • Latch left lavatory door into divider and verify LAV DOOR annunciator extinguishes.

  • Please latch the front door when you leave.

  • Average latch wait time ( milliseconds ) for latch requests that had to wait.

  • Use gentle pressure with elbows to release latch.

  • Young children latch onto phrases and repeat them over and over.

  • It took him a while to latch onto their style of humour.

  • We really don't latch on to what he talked about.

  • At any rate, the era of leaving the front door on the latch is over.

  • This door will not latch properly.

  • Can I latch on to some of your money?

  • The door won't latch properly.

  • Remember to latch the gate behind you.

  • Will the wardrobe latch?

  • He's not very clever, so it took him some time to latch on.

  • To open the gate, lift up the latch.

  • Knock at the door, peep in. Ping the bell, Lift the latch , And walk in.

  • Remove fuel supply line latch clip at injector rail.

  • The door is on the latch.

  • He lifted the latch and opened the door.

  • You left the latch off the gate and the dog escaped.

  • Let yourself in; the door's on the latch.

  • Other trades have been quick to latch on.

  • Foley followed Albert through the gate, taking care to close the latch.

  • They leave their back door off the latch when they're at home so that friends can pop in.

  • These are substances which specifically latch onto the protein on the cell membrane.

Phrase collocation

  • on the latch

    (of a door or gate) closed but not locked

    • let yourself in, the door's on the latch.

  • latch on

    (of a breastfeeding baby) manage to get its mouth into the correct position around the nipple

  • latch on to informal 非正式

    attach oneself to (someone) as a constant and usually unwelcome companion

    • he spent the whole evening trying to latch on to my friends.

    understand the meaning of (something)

    • [with clause]she'll soon latch on to what is happening.

  • latch on to 或 latch onto

    To get hold of; obtain

    • latched on to a fortune in the fur trade.


  • latch onto

    • I have to latch onto a hundred bucks by Friday night.

    • When you find the page,latch on.

    • Would you mind repeating that? I didn't quite latch on.

    • When Fred finally hatched onto the principles of algebra, he began to get better grades.

    • He latched onto me as soon as I arrived.


Meaning of latch

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