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  • EN [ ˈledʒə(r)]
  • US [ ˈlɛdʒɚ]

English definition


  • 1. a record in which commercial accounts are recorded;

    • "they got a subpoena to examine our books"
  • 2. an accounting journal as a physical object;

    • "he bought a new daybook"

Example sentences

  • The ledger account is basis set the general ledger.

  • Ledger books: those recorded mainly on the basis of the types of the events.

  • Most accounting ledger are no need to finish everyday.

  • The General Ledger is responsible to the Chief Accountant.

  • A subsidiary ledger is a book ol accounts that provides sup - porting details on individual balances.

  • It consists of two basic components: a general journal and a general ledger.

  • The general ledger is the book used to list all the accounts established by an organization.

  • An application represents a certain business function, such as general ledger or inventory control.

  • Full Bccounting Functions, including general account responsibilities, customer billings, accounts receivables and payables, ledger, inventory, taxation.

  • Reconcile computer generated subsidiary ledger balance of all receivable against general ledger balances.

  • Posting is the process of copying data from the General Journal to each Ledger account.

  • This shall include purchasing, accounts receivable, cash sales, accounts payable, credit control, costing, ledger and payroll.

  • Stock reconciliation : inventory counting, subsidiary ledger and general ledger, follow if any variance until its resolved.

  • UF secondary development certificate for u 852 pay the bulk transfer ledger.

  • Weekly scrutiny of debtors ledger to ensure collections are made on time.

  • Why , for example, keep a general ledger, if financial reports can be compiled on the fly?

  • Posting the entries in the journals into ledger accounts, thus creating a record classified by accounts.

  • Third, make adjusting entries , journalize and post them in ledger accounts.

  • So, they should be recorded in other ledger accounts, such as Office Supplies and accounts Receivable.

  • Subsidiary ledger books: those established to record the detail accounts of all controlling accounts.

  • Register the general ledger, establishment every kind of financial report.

  • A ledger, then , is a book of accounts datatransactions recorded in journals are postedthereby classifiedsummarized.

  • The ledger shows 300 pounds on the side and 50 pounds on the credIt'side.

  • Further simplification of the general ledger is brought about by the use of subsidiary ledger.

  • Participate in month end closing and reporting and account reconciliations between GL and Sub Ledger.

  • Actor Heath Ledger, 28, was found dead at a Manhattan residence Tuesday.

  • Ledger accounts are used to record business transactions'effect on an accounting entity.


Meaning of ledger

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