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  • EN [ ˈlɪbəreɪtɪd]
  • US [ ˈlɪbəreɪtɪd]

English definition


  • 1. (of a gas e.g.) released from chemical combination

  • 2. freed from bondage

  • 3. free from traditional social restraints;

    • "an emancipated young woman pursuing her career"
    • "a liberated lifestyle"

Example sentences

  • The spores are liberated by rupture of the sporangium wall.

  • They led a miserable life before their hometown was liberated.

  • Allied armies liberated France from the Nazis.

  • The city was liberated in 1949.

  • There are two types of nuclear reactions in which large amounts of energy may be liberated.

  • They deloused the prisoners after they liberated the camps.

  • John liberated two cameras.

  • On Bol & # 237 ; var's orders, Sucre liberated Upper Peru ( 1825 ).

  • This newly liberated country is going to have a rough time, but it will pull through.

  • Finally he managed to get to the liberated area.

  • In today's 5 liberated world, it is difficult to understand how important this 6 ) event was for 7 ) womankind.

  • The new government has liberated all political prisoners.

  • Shanghai, Hangchow, Nanchang, Wuhan and Sian have been liberated.

  • In 1945, Soviet and Polish forces liberated Warsaw during World War Two.

  • Nuclear energy is liberated as a result of nuclear fission.

  • No further energy can be liberated from iron once the limit of fusion is reached.

  • Earth was in fact haloed by death and destruction. But liberated - or so It'seemed.

  • I deliberately liberated the man who was in despair and desperately struggled for liberation and liberty.

  • But just how badly does the couch potato want to be liberated? And at what price?

  • I still remember the night when Nanjing was liberated.

  • How much was a pen at the time when our nation was liberated?

  • I still remember the day when my native place was liberated.

  • The liberated areas grew larger and larger.

  • For our part , we can't see why we should let them seize our Liberated Areas.

  • The heat brings about a chemical reaction, and oxygen is liberated.

  • The city was liberated by the advancing army.

  • She was determined that she would become a liberated businesswoman.

  • Feminism may have liberated the feminists, but it has still to change the lives of the majority of women.

Meaning of liberated

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