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life story

  • EN [ laif ˈstɔ:ri]
  • US [ laɪf ˈstɔri]

English definition


  • 1. an account of the series of events making up a person's life

Example sentences

  • Murals 70 square meters, mostly reflect on the life story of Buddha and Buddhist activities.

  • She told me her life story.

  • It is your life story which brought you here.

  • Everyone is necessarily the hero of his own life story.

  • Several movie studios are dickering for the rights to her life story.

  • A resume is not your life story.

  • The book, The Life Story of Audrey Hepburn , was written by her son.

  • When I first met her at a dinner, she immediately spilled her life story.

  • Experience the life story of Tibet's greatest saint and scholar , Lama Tsongkhapa , through medium of dance!

  • His life story is recounted in two fascinating volumes of autobiography.

  • Richard : Well you are in luck because I also happen to know her whole life story.

  • Q : What is your Life Story?

  • Her life story is not a prediction about what will happen, but what might happen.

  • Hence, something that is merely imagined can become ingrained as an episode in our life story.

  • Ernest Hemingway fans are no strangers to revisions of his life story.

  • The novel tells the life story of Genji by this prophecy and its realization.

  • Today , his life story and works can be found in a book entitled Kong Cong Zi.

  • What is your Life Story?

  • It'shows us the life story of a Scottish hero , William Wallace.

  • Tom embellished his life story with lies.

  • Jack: Be the hero of your own life story.

  • Her life story neatly mirrors the changes that have enveloped China since her birth in 1954.

  • Must be the hero of my own life story.

  • Listening to his life story is akin to reading a good adventure novel.

  • She reinvented her own life story, skipping over the war years when she had a German lover.

  • He had filmed her life story.

Meaning of life story

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