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  • EN [ ˈlɪniəli]
  • US [ ˈlɪniərli]

English definition


  • 1. in a linear manner;

    • "linearly polarized radiation"
  • 2. in a linear fashion;

    • "it grew linearly"

Example sentences

  • A quasilinear equation is one in which the highest - order derivative appears linearly.

  • Linearly polarized light will in consequence become elliptically polarized on total reflection.

  • All forms of reciprocal theorems apply to structures which behave linearly.

  • Shrinkage stress was found to increase linearly with cure temperature.

  • Concrete structures are also usually assumed to deform linearly.

  • The reflected light is weak and completely linearly polarized.

  • Alternatively, reefs may extend linearly across basins.

  • The spectrum curves determined for linearly elastic systems still have significance for nonlinear hysteretic vibrations.

  • With methyl methacrylate the particle diameter increases linearly with conversion indicating particle aggregation.

  • The values for the stresses are assumed to be linearly proportional to the pressure.

  • In benzene or ethyl acetate solution rates increase linearly with methyl methacrylate concentration.

  • If the function is linearly homogeneous it is possible to derive several propositions of interest.

  • Under the guideline, the output of streamlined seamless liners declines linearly.

  • Linearly polarized broadband dipoles serve as antennas for horizontal and vertical polarization.

  • Academic paper should directly relate to the theme and be written linearly.

Meaning of linearly

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