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  • EN [ ˈluːphəʊl]
  • US [ ˈluːphoʊl]

English definition


  • 1. an ambiguity (especially one in the text of a law or contract) that makes it possible to evade a difficulty or obligation

  • 2. a small hole in a fortified wall; for observation or discharging weapons

Example sentences

  • A loophole in the law allowed them to escape prosecution.

  • That bureaucratic loophole allowed her to save more Jews than the far better known Oscar Schindler.

  • He was misplaced , disorganized , miscalculated, overlooked everything and opened every loophole.

  • Bite out of a loophole, Baiqian this loneliness.

  • But a local newspaper has called for the state legislature to close the loophole.

  • Discovered a little loophole In the Stalag Luft postal service.

  • Trade and investment offers a big loophole for Chinese and foreign firms.

  • Otherwise, an IPO would constitute a giant tax loophole.

  • Second Law of Criminal Procedure itself loophole.

  • In addition, as aresult of the system existence loophole, the medical insurance waste is especially serious.

  • He was consistent in what he said, and there was no loophole.

  • The rules were loosely enforced and a loophole.

  • Malicious node uses protocol loophole launching collusion attack, it badly affects the normal operation of network.

  • But a local newspaper has called for the state legislature to close loophole.

  • The head of Job Anderson , the boatswain, appeared at the middle loophole.

  • This loophole has allowed the burgeoning trade to develop.

  • Or it burrowed through the problem by some circuitous loophole of logic.

  • I turned to the loophole nearest me and looked out.

  • Of course, if you use this procedure and found a loophole BUG, please contact us promptly.

  • Every law a loophole.

  • Suddenly Jijisi says: " More double eye is staring at malic product closely now, seek loophole. "

  • A good lawyer can always find a loophole.

  • Putting the matter this way takes care of both possibilities and leaves no loophole.

  • Does this not create a big loophole?

  • Through an arrow loophole he commanded a view upon the farther side.

  • In reality, the loophole could not be practically exploited.

  • Similar to other system, invade to examine the system oneself to also usually exsits safe loophole.

  • Hope thinks a loophole in the 1967 UN Outer Space Treaty makes his property sales legitimate.

  • It is estimated that 60,000 shops open every Sunday and trade by exploiting some loophole in the law to avoid prosecution.


Meaning of loophole

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