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Example sentences

  • She had developed strong loyalties to the Manet family.

  • an intricate network of loyalties and relationships

  • Rows with one's in - laws often create divided loyalties.

  • They were governed by private loyalties which they did not question.

  • A national Athenian spirit at last began to overtake tribal loyalties.

  • It directed my loyalties to the side of men in rebellion.

  • Your conscience, conviction, integrity, and loyalties were torn asunder.

  • In periods heavily influenced by ideology, political loyalties no longer coincide with national boundaries.

  • One must never violate these loyalties to serve one's own interests.

  • Numerous cabinet reshuffies left the loyalties of the generals hanging in mid - air.

  • Munchie's loyalties are not divided. I'm his person and he's my dog.

  • Happiness or reward is in the only reason for loyalties.

  • The people of the Moon are divided in their loyalties.

  • My loyalties lie with my family.

  • He compelled our loyalties.

Meaning of loyalties

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