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  • EN [ ˈmeɪnlaɪn]
  • US [ 'meɪnlaɪn]

English definition


  • 1. inject into the vein;

    • "She is mainlining heroin"

Example sentences

  • Installed in a mainline it prevents upstream pressure from dropping below a preset minimum.

  • Controlled closing of the valve, opens the mainline check valve, gradually increasing line pressure.

  • In response to those divisions, the mainline denominations have attempted to come together through ecumenical movement.

  • Mr Obama actually lost some ground among white mainline Protestant and white Catholic voters.

  • Before the jump , a return address in the mainline program must be pushed onto the stack.

  • The train moved slowly south through flat , drab mainline scenery.

  • The train moed slowly south through flat, drab mainline scenery.

  • She pumped the stuff right into the mainline.

  • Mainline tasks and novice task will be simultaneous, is you have to complete the task.

  • And so this world remained intact to receive the benefits of LRH's mainline research.

  • Mainline feminism was arguing for the inherent beauty of the natural woman.

  • We observe a striking shift away from a labor theory among all mainline economists.

Meaning of mainline

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