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  • EN [ ˈmeɪtɪŋ]
  • US [ ˈmeɪtɪŋ]

English definition


  • 1. the act of pairing a male and female for reproductive purposes;

    • "the casual couplings of adolescents"
    • "the mating of some species occurs only in the spring"

Example sentences

  • This receptiveness is the key feature in oestral behavior, enabling natural mating to occur.

  • The first mating of ewe is 10~12 month and average lambing rate is 111 36 %.

  • Males and females only mating season, otherwise they live solitary existences.

  • Allowance , An intentional difference in sizes of two mating parts.

  • Moos Acoustically speaking, what happens before and after mating is most interesting.

  • Mating pipeline flanges shall be standard reducing flange with I. D . to exactly match valve I. D.

  • They are clamped between mating flanges which are connected by studs and nuts.

  • The rough chrome plating is for mating to other chrome plated equipment and additional corrosion resistance.

  • Larkshimi finds it is good time to prey, because it is the mating season of chitals.

  • The gasket face of the flange should squarely contact the face of the mating flange.

  • The facts that spores mature almost throughout the year may facilitate this type of mating behavior.

  • He had, from his second mating, a baby girl.

  • MISMATCH: A discontinuity caused by incorrect mating of tool components.

  • In The Mating Game, the winners get to continue their bloodline for the next generation.

  • Life as a lion isn't all hunting and mating and roaring.

  • Mating patterns may help, too.

  • Mating flange ID must match sleeve ID.

  • Absent glorious nowhere Zun courteous reception only, Fangke pointed pyramid supremacy mating position.

  • And mating itself is commonly preceded by a special dance in which partners participate.

  • In case, life's greatest prize: an appropriate mating partner.

  • The brain system evolved to focus your energy on an individual and start the mating process.

  • Outcrossing is the mating of two dogs of the same breed that are otherwise virtually unrelated.

  • The first thing on our agenda is to elect a person to chair our mating.

  • During the rutting season the big boars have the most terrible mating battles.

  • After mating the male wasps tunnel through the sides of their nursery.


Meaning of mating

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