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  • EN [ ˈmembəʃɪp]
  • US [ ˈmembərʃɪp]

English definition


  • 1. the body of members of an organization or group;

    • "they polled their membership"
    • "they found dissension in their own ranks"
    • "he joined the ranks of the unemployed"
  • 2. the state of being a member

Example sentences

  • Membership has ballooned beyond all expectations.

  • Party membership has increased by more than 4 , 000, 000 since then.

  • He has brought his membership credentials with him.

  • She was my sponsor when I was applying for Party membership.

  • Every club member must pay up his membership money before the end of the season.

  • I know what his game is — he's trying to get somebody to propose him for membership of the golf club.

  • The membership of the club is now 500.

  • The task of the Commission , as noted in the Olympic Charter, is to examine each candidature for membership of the IOC and to establish a report on each candidature to the IOC Executive Board.

  • They rejected his application for membership.

  • They kept back 80 dollars from my wages for trade union membership dues.

  • The society has a large membership.

  • Who is eligible to apply for membership of the association?

  • Membership of the club is by nomination only.

  • The European Builders Confederation has a membership of over 350,000 building companies.

  • There is no percolation of political ideas from the membership to the leadership.

  • Their membership seems to have risen to something over 10,000.

  • There are 23 Clubs throughout the U.S., and your membership entitles you to enjoy all of them.

  • Her membership of the Labour Party has lapsed.

  • There are a growing number of countries queueing up for membership.

  • The commission is cautiously favourable to Austrian membership, foreseeing few economic problems.

  • The country has also been granted membership of the World Trade Organisation.

  • Entry to the show is free to members on production of their membership cards.

  • If this is the standard to which I have to drop to gain membership, then count me out!

  • Individual membership costs £13 (£7 unwaged).

  • How did the meeting go, did you get your full membership?

  • The membership application came before the Council of Ministers in September.

  • Membership of the ERM is not a panacea for Britain's economic problems.

  • Membership in her church youth group helped develop her political ideas.

  • "What I would like, is a membership list and some information on how the Society is run."—"Then that is what you shall have."

Meaning of membership

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