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  • EN [ 'memwɑ:z]
  • US [ 'memwɑz]

Example sentences

  • If you've read my earlier memoirs you'll know all about it.

  • Numerous attempts to persuade him to write his memoirs came to nought.

  • Her memoirs were ghostwritten.

  • I watched a trailer for the screenplay of his memoirs.

  • His own books and memoirs are a farrago of half-truth and out-right invention.

  • At the end of his career in politics, he retired and wrote his memoirs.

  • In her memoirs Naomi is quick to acknowledge that her grandmother was centrally important in her venture as a writer.

  • In his memoirs, De Gaulle wrote that he had come to London determined to save the French nation.

  • Manrique told the story of his travels in detailed memoirs.

  • It was he who ghosted the general's memoirs.

  • Hays, Mary. Memoirs of Emma Courtney. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001.

  • For example On Liberty > Platonic dialogues > On Soul > Socrates memoirs >.

  • All her books, including her prison memoirs, are officially banned.

  • In his memoirs he often speaks disparagingly about the private sector.

  • His full memoirs were suppressed even by Churchill himself.

Meaning of memoirs

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