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  • EN [ miˈæzmə]
  • US [ maɪˈæzmə, mi-]

English definition


  • 1. an unwholesome atmosphere;

    • "the novel spun a miasma of death and decay"
  • 2. unhealthy vapors rising from the ground or other sources;

    • "the miasma of the marshes"
    • "a miasma of cigar smoke"

Example sentences

  • A grey miasma, neither cloud nor mist low in the sky and the atmosphere was stifling.

  • The two of them now a superstitious swamp devil, humming, hovering, and plowing through the miasma.

  • Smoke from a bonfire of garbage mixes with the miasma of smog in the sky.

  • Changing water levels now at times unleash a miasma of disease from exposed sewage.

  • He wondered how his life had degenerated into this clawing miasma of raw unfulfilled need.

  • The novel spun a miasma of death and decay.

  • The two of them now a superstitious swamp devil, humming, hovering, and plowing through miasma.

  • A miasma rose from the marsh.

  • A miasma of stale alcohol hung around him.

  • As time went on, his ambition to be part of the US Supreme Court faded in a miasma of alcohol and despair.


Meaning of miasma

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