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  • EN [ ˈmɪlki]
  • US [ ˈmɪlki]

English definition


  • 1. resembling milk in color or cloudiness; not clear;

    • "milky glass"

Example sentences

  • Description: Perennial herbaceous vines, with milky juice , glabrous throughout.

  • The plant's allergens come from the milky sap on the surface of the leaves.

  • Only the arrowhead , carved from some milky blue stone, had any color.

  • Check poppy fruit across the skin, will be out of milky juice.

  • Some astronomers thought nebulae were part of our Milky Way Galaxy.

  • Gigolo even not come, Milky Way still flicker.

  • Alexander always has milky coffee at lunchtime.

  • The Great Rift of the Summer Milky Way splits the constellation.

  • He looked up at the Milky Way and couldn't help feeling a pang of sadness.

  • Although the material appears milky white, it is actually 95 % transparent.

  • After reconstitution, the vial contents should form a milky suspension free of visible particle.

  • Where is home on the Milky way of stars, I dry my eyes again.

  • Sky is blue and cloud is milky which makes one feel good.

  • Explanation: The central region of our Milky Way Galaxy is a mysterious and complex place.

  • Ishmael sweet milky coffee and a bowl of steaming wonton soup before him.

  • We couples who have been separated hate the ruthless " The Milky Way ".

  • Similarly, a warm milky drink at bedtime works very well as milk is in tryptophan.

  • Explanation: Big, beautiful spiral galaxy NGC 7331 is often an analog to our own Milky Way.

  • A milky twilight crept about the stairway and the landings below.

  • And into that lake flowed a small stream, the water of which was not milky.

  • Result The product was milky, stable and had pure texture.

  • He was put on a diet of milky food.

  • a hot milky drink

  • A milky mist filled the valley.

  • He was sitting at the big table cradling a large bowl of milky coffee.


Meaning of milky

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