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  • EN [ məʊst]
  • US [ moʊst]

English definition


  • 1. (superlative of `many' used with count nouns and often preceded by `the') quantifier meaning the greatest in number;

    • "who has the most apples?"
    • "most people like eggs"
    • "most fishes have fins"
  • 2. the superlative of `much' that can be used with mass nouns and is usually preceded by `the'; a quantifier meaning the greatest in amount or extent or degree;

    • "made the most money he could"
    • "what attracts the most attention?"
    • "made the most of a bad deal"


  • 1. used to form the superlative;

    • "the king cobra is the most dangerous snake"
  • 2. very;

    • "a most welcome relief"
  • 3. (of actions or states) slightly short of or not quite accomplished; `near' is sometimes used informally for `nearly' and `most' is sometimes used informally for `almost';

    • "the job is (just) about done"
    • "the baby was almost asleep when the alarm sounded"
    • "we're almost finished"
    • "the car all but ran her down"
    • "he nearly fainted"
    • "talked for nigh onto 2 hours"
    • "the recording is well-nigh perfect"
    • "virtually all the parties signed the contract"
    • "I was near exhausted by the run"
    • "most everyone agrees"

Example sentences

  • Most cows run dry in about 10 months.

  • Entry tickets to most attractions are included in the price of the holiday.

  • She performed the most challenging task without a mistake.

  • This law will deprive us of our most basic rights.

  • He has been ill most of the term.

  • We found that most people are favourable to the idea.

  • The repairs will cost £35, at the very most.

  • Fascists is the most ruthless enemy of the people.

  • Most schools cater for children of different abilities.

  • Most everybody talks about it.

  • It was the most exciting holiday I've ever had.

  • Most mammals are diphyodonts.

  • Technically it is the most advanced equipment ever.

  • You can soak out most marks in this special cleaning liquid if you leave the clothes in it long enough.

  • Entertaining people is the most natural thing in the world for her.

  • Most college students are boarders.

  • He was most insulting to my wife.

  • Most of them persist in setting strict demands on themselves.

  • Most flashlights work on two batteries.

  • The rats have eaten away most of the woodwork.

  • I pay only fifty dollars at ( the ) most .

  • Most worms cocoon in winter.

  • Li Bai and Du Fu figure most prominently in the history of Chinese poetry.

  • Peter made the most mistakes of all the class.

  • Most of the land is planted with wheat.

  • I was most chagrined when I heard that he had got the job instead of me.

  • 'Why are you drinking whisky at 8 o'clock in the morning?'' Hair of the dog . I've got the most terrible hangover.'

  • Within a few days of taking office he had become the most unpopular man in the company.

  • What courses are most students opting for?

  • He has sent me most precious gifts.

Phrase collocation

  • be the most

    (informal)be the best of all

  • for the most part

    in most cases; usually

    • the older members, for the most part, shun him.

  • make the most of

    use to the best advantage

    • he was eager to make the most of his visit.

  • at (the) most

    At the maximum

    • We saw him for ten minutes at the most. She ran two miles at most.


  • chilly most

    • He was a chilly most and liked smart, re-laxed cloth.



Meaning of most

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