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  • EN [ ˈmɜːmə(r)]
  • US [ ˈmɜːrmər]

English definition


  • 1. a low continuous indistinct sound; often accompanied by movement of the lips without the production of articulate speech

  • 2. a schwa that is incidental to the pronunciation of a consonant

  • 3. an abnormal sound of the heart; sometimes a sign of abnormal function of the heart valves

  • 4. a complaint uttered in a low and indistinct tone


  • 1. speak softly or indistinctly;

    • "She murmured softly to the baby in her arms"
  • 2. make complaining remarks or noises under one's breath;

    • "she grumbles when she feels overworked"

Example sentences

  • He paid the extra cost without a murmur.

  • The doctor will listen to your child heart with a stethoscope for a heart murmur.

  • In our room we could hear the murmur of a distant brook.

  • The murmur continues asas pressure in the chamber of origin exceeds that in the recipient chamber.

  • Then in a grave murmur he said " His name is Ferdie. "

  • She gave a murmur of approval.

  • In a low murmur Winston began speaking.

  • Winifred endured the agony with tears in her eyes, but no murmur.

  • There was a murmur of recognition.

  • You have get a faint murmur of the heart.

  • There is a low murmur among the crowd.

  • Have a heart murmur should which go over to make?

  • And murmur that your friends must die.

  • Madame Olenska advanced with a murmur of welcome towards the queer couple.

  • You would hear love's faint murmur, but when love shouts you would muffle your ears.

  • There was a murmur of conversation in the room.

  • They paid the extra taxes without a murmur.

  • If your child has an innocent murmur, alert your pediatrician during regular check ups.

  • The storm sank to a murmur and the waves of the sea were stilled.

  • The old man drooped his head and began to murmur to himself my father's name.

  • I could hear the murmur of the sea.

  • The piano music mixes with the murmur of conversation.

  • The droning murmur of the doctor's voice in the bedroom had ceased.

  • There is a murmur of appreciative laughter.

  • She gave a little murmur.

  • "This food is divine," they murmur, falsely.

  • The roar of the crowd stilled to an expectant murmur.

  • The clamor of traffic has receded to a distant murmur.

  • A quiet murmur passed through the classroom.

Phrase collocation

  • without a murmur

    without complaining

Synonym discrimination

  • complain, grumble, murmur

  • murmur, mutter, whisper


Meaning of murmur

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