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  • EN [ ˈnju:zprɪnt]
  • US [ ˈnuzprɪnt]

English definition


  • 1. cheap paper made from wood pulp and used for printing newspapers;

    • "they used bales of newspaper every day"

Example sentences

  • In the introduction a new production line, newsprint capacity is rapidly expanding, increased supply.

  • Will newsprint not be available in a few years time, also magazines at the bookstall?

  • If using the thin newsprint paper consumption, a paper only, an annual saving of 27 %.

  • Regarding potential imports, newsprint has actually become local industry, partly due to the high transportation cost.

  • Prediction: there will be no significant newspapers printed newsprint in the US by 2012.

  • Top wire formers can be applied in the production of paper board, newsprint and cultural paper.

  • HPLC aspires to be a market leader in the Chinese newsprint industry.

  • Newsprint prices, the cost of excessive deficits will be issued.

  • China is the most dynamic, developing newsprint market in the world.

  • Newsprint: as the name implies, is for the newspaper business card printing and membership card production.

  • The article introduces how to treat and recycle white water in the process of newsprint production.

  • In newsprint used, the important question is business card printing and membership card making opacity.

  • Acres of newsprint have been devoted to the issue.

  • Mainly for Offset Paper , Coated Paper, newsprint, and so do monochrome or multicolor overlay printing.

  • The newsprint prices, have a direct impact on the lower reaches of the quick trades.

  • The higher the smoothness of newsprint, fine restore locations, the better.

  • There is no existing newsprint mill located in the Hebei area.

  • The effect ampherlytic starch on tearing strength of newsprint from analysis of electric charge was studied.

  • Also separately buy a laboratory powders, films and film into a bundle of newsprint.

  • Specifically , newsprint , paper, paper of dot gain the maximum value of newsprint, bond paper is minimal.

  • PanAsia Paper is the only foreign company approved to build an operate newsprint mills in China.

  • We are interested in constant deliveries of newsprint paper from Russia, China, Europe and other countries.

  • Final award has already been made on the first newsprint paper antidumping case.

  • Asia is one of the fastest growing regions in the world, so also in newsprint consumption.

  • They struck a deal with their paper supplier, getting two years of newsprint on credit.

  • They get their hands covered in newsprint.

  • The Wall Street Journal uses 220,000 metric tons of newsprint each year.


Meaning of newsprint

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