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  • EN [ ˈnɔɪzləs]
  • US [ ˈnɔɪzlɪs]

English definition


  • 1. making no sound;

    • "th' inaudible and noiseless foot of time"- Shakespeare

Example sentences

  • Saving energy, noiseless operation, saving material.

  • High efficient, noiseless environment protection design.

  • An owl swoops from the ridge top, noiseless but as flame.

  • Zalman affixes a Computer Noise Prevention System ( CNPS ) mark to all components used for noiseless computers.

  • Conversion action is noiseless and small vibration.

  • His breath was perfectly noiseless.

  • With recent researches and studies, some companies are making noiseless computers.

  • This new style of air conditioner is noiseless.

  • For him the wheel of slumBer was wont to turn noiseless and slick and swift.

  • And to exchanging the contactor joint noiseless operating of electricity.

  • Adopt pneumatic suction system, noiseless and easy maintenance, to avoid vacuum pump problem.

  • Beneath their imposing mass, smartly dressed men and women zip about on noiseless transIt'systems.

  • Soames went in with his noiseless step, his jaw firmly set , his eyes furtive.

  • The inaudible and noiseless foot of Time.

  • They moved away from scene, noiseless, seeking another entrance.

  • The noiseless door again turned on its hinges, and the Count of Monte Cristo reappeared.

  • He abandoned the noiseless transparencies and at the centre of the spreading rings like a setter.

  • Silent designing: built in high power cooling fan with tranquil motor, running noiseless.

  • She entered the room noiseless footsteps.

  • They are noiseless, but a planning application will be required.

  • Why has she not made the mosquito noiseless and its bite itchless?

  • He moved with noiseless steps.

  • The snow was light and noiseless as it floated down.

Synonym discrimination

  • quiet, calm, silent, still, noiseless, peaceful, serene


Meaning of noiseless

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