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  • EN [ nəʊ'tɔ:rɪəslɪ]
  • US [ noˈtɔrɪəslɪ]

English definition


  • 1. to a notorious degree;

    • "European emigres, who notoriously used to repair to the British Museum to write seditious pamphlets"

Example sentences

  • Toddlers are notoriously antisocial when it comes to sharing toys.

  • Diplomats can be a notoriously unreliable and misleading source of information.

  • The train company is overstaffed and notoriously inefficient.

  • Professors are notoriously difficult to manage.

  • He is notoriously indiscreet about his private life.

  • The weather here is notoriously fickle.

  • The trains are notoriously unreliable.

  • The television world was a notoriously fickle one.

  • Maps of the region are notoriously inaccurate.

  • Civil court proceedings are notoriously slow.

  • Birth rates are notoriously difficult to predict.

  • The weather in Britain is notoriously changeable.

  • He worked mainly in New York City where living space is notoriously at a premium.

  • Doctors notoriously neglect their own health and fail to seek help when they should.

  • Let us deal with the question of his notoriously Neanderthal attitude to women.

Meaning of notoriously

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