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  • EN [ ˈnɒkʃəs]
  • US [ ˈnɑːkʃəs]

English definition


  • 1. injurious to physical or mental health;

    • "noxious chemical wastes"
    • "noxious ideas"

Example sentences

  • Objective To investigate of spectral entropy measurement in reflection of depth of anesthesia and noxious stimulation.

  • Still I seek the most noxious herbs.

  • Hazardous Decomposition Products: Formation of combustible and noxious fumes during thermal decomposition.

  • Many of Polygonaceae are noxious weeds , some ornamentals , and buckwheat ( Fagopyrum ) and rhubarb ( Rheum ) foodstuffs .

  • From toxic toys to noxious nightwear, the list of items recalled in China just keeps growing.

  • And it brings out everything that is most noxious and misogynistic about the right.

  • Noxious gases had built up in the sewer.

  • Noxious chemicals are found in river water.

  • Chemicals that produce a noxious vapor when mixed.

  • And children were warned not to play outside in the noxious air.

  • He strove to tear himself away from the noxious siren that had bewitched him.

  • Cities of ancient times were often noxious places, fouled by human wastes and debris.

  • Noxious chemicals are found in the river water.

  • They gave off a most noxious smell.

  • He's a crank, and a noxious crank.

  • The hydrogen sulfide is one kind of noxious gas to the human body and the environment.

  • Tobacco Smoke Air Purifiers: Look for an air purifier with Activated Carbon to absorb noxious odors.

  • It'shall be prohibited to use noxious or harmful wastes as fertilizers or for creating farmlands.

  • The SSC plays a crucial role in the noxious and nonnoxious somatosensory processing.

  • They were as a few fragrant flowers amidst a dense accumulation of noxious weeds.

  • These chemicals produce a noxious vapor.

  • We must trace the source of these noxious gases before they asphyxiate us.

  • The media also declared that in Halley's Comet's tail includes the noxious gas.

  • Appreciable amounts of noxious wastes are dumped into the harbor.

  • Their behaviour was noxious.

  • Heavy industry pollutes our rivers with noxious chemicals.



Meaning of noxious

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