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  • EN [ ˈnɒzl]
  • US [ ˈnɑzl]

English definition


  • 1. a projecting spout from which a fluid is discharged

  • 2. informal terms for the nose

Example sentences

  • Minute vertical and lateral adjuster is built in the nozzle.

  • Compressing air expands in nozzle, and then enters into vortex tube in the tangent line direction.

  • The reaction assembly generates a compound gas stream for compound nozzle towards a target substrate.

  • You may adjust the air blower nozzle in accordance with your need.

  • Use inner filter, it can reduce fault as jam the nozzle.

  • Vapors are sampled directly via the sampling nozzle.

  • Gripper suction nozzle sucking wind conditions should be is running smoothly.

  • This will damage the nozzle resulting in poor injection quality or inability to give injections.

  • High velocity airflow is and supersonic nozzle is used in the design of a HVAS gun.

  • Detail Make of acrylic board , Top Sprinkling, Bath towel rack, Nozzle massage, Water faucet , Handled sprinkling.

  • The orifices of this nozzle are almost chocked up with carbide.

  • A nozzle assembly of a vacuum cleaner is disclosed.

  • The rubber nozzle is all cracked.

  • The flow anglevelocity distributions at the scroll nozzle outlet with three different scroll outlines were calculated.

  • She turned the nozzle and the spray concentrated down to a stream.

  • Shape selection and dimension optimization of direct jet high pressure spray nozzle were done.

  • Scramjet nozzle was installed at the exit of the combustor.

  • The preparation technology, quality and character of the nozzle brick are also introduced.

  • Atomized fuel nozzle bad . 6.

  • The invention provides a waterfall type shower nozzle and belongs to the sanitary ware field.

  • ELTEX electrostatic ion nozzle and blowing air static bar has been good.

  • Wear surface of nozzle were analysed with scanning electron microscope.

  • In diesel premixed combustion mode, the effects of nozzle cone angle on emissions were studied.

  • It is indicated that the nozzle with six holes interlaced arrangement has better blowing property.

  • Its nozzle was smeared with some kind of lubricant.


Meaning of nozzle

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