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  • EN [ əbˈzɜːvə(r)]
  • US [ əbˈzɜːrvər]

English definition


  • 1. a person who becomes aware (of things or events) through the senses

  • 2. an expert who observes and comments on something

Example sentences

  • This observer never saw a'size up " conducted by any responding staff member.

  • Body languages can in fact tell an observer what you are thinking at that particular time.

  • Two official observer attend the meeting.

  • Even Stalin, no guileless observer, believed in and, to his later regret, protected Mao.

  • Model View Controller Pattern - The observer pattern is used in the model view controller ( MVC ) architectural pattern.

  • To the observer, this blurs the image and reduces contrast. Moreover, viewing angle is relatively narrow.

  • Astronomy A point on the celestial sphere directly below the observer diametrically opposite the zenith.

  • Even a casual observer would notice that America is a consumer society.

  • The Mars Observer is to be deployed from an America space shuttle.

  • I am a reporter, editor, observer and researcher.

  • Court Member , Hong Kong Baptist University, Observer of Independent Police Complaints Council ( IPCC ).

  • This article was written by a political observer.

  • In addition, formal Observer status within SCO has been given to Iran, Pakistan, India and Mongolia.

  • The old man was sent along as an observer.

  • And the senstive observer of sculpture must learn to feel shape simply as shape, not as description or reminiscence.

  • He is an acute observer.

  • Even a casual observer could hardly have failed to notice the heightening of an already tense atmosphere.

  • The current sole superpower is far from being a disinterested observer.

  • There is a lengthy article on Spike Milligan in the Observer newspaper.

  • A poll for the Observer showed Labour on 39 per cent with the Tories lagging a point behind.

  • The painting depicted a hall so lifelike that a casual observer might believe himself to be looking through an open door.

  • The Observer found the play "a feeble rehash of familiar Miller themes"

  • As an impartial observer my analysis is supposed to be objective.

  • The talks took place in the presence of a diplomatic observer.

  • A casual observer would have taken them to be three men out for an evening stroll.

  • The president suggested that a UN observer should attend the conference.

  • A second illustrative example was taken from The Observer newspaper.

Meaning of observer

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